Clear your mental fog with a simple,
powerful five-minute morning ritual

Lucent is a modern take on a timeless practice — achieve greater focus and clarity
through the power of a five-minute morning meditation.

Move over coffee.
Lucent is your new morning ritual.

Lucent is a simple app for people who are meditation-curious that emphasizes emotional awareness and strategic action.

Lucent is for people just like you who are busy but have a strong desire to harness your brain for its best work.

Backed by scientific research, Lucent will help you achieve greater focus and clarity through a five-minute morning meditation ritual, with optional group-sharing for added accountability.

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Science-Backed Benefits

We have designed a simple morning routine based on scientific research to help you be happier and more productive in just five targeted minutes. As meditation and morning rituals move front-and-center into our daily lives, studies have shown that meditation can make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Continue reading to find out how each feature of our app was developed with scientific research in mind.

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